Available Treatment for psoriasis

Berrys Healthcare, 60 years old ayurvedic company, based at Hubli, Karnataka surveing society for the treatment of Psoriasis worldwide. Berry Skin Care Clinic is a subsidiary company of Berrys Healthcare now established in all over india.

Objective and mission of company

  • Indications: Kitiba Kusta, Psoriasis
  • Treatment Duration: 6 months to 12 months (Depends upon patient, how old, what kind of medicine has taken in past, BMI etc..)
  • Success rate: More then 96%
  • Diet schedule: Citrus Fruits, Bringel, Jaggery, Alchohol, Non-Veg, Sodium Bio-Carbonate

How to use Psoria Kit ?

  • Psoria Powder 120 gm: Sock powder with water at night and apply on affected skin in early morning. No need to take sunlight in morning.
  • Psoria Capsule 120 pcs: 2 capsules in morning before breakfast and 2 cap in evening before meal.
  • Psoria Syrup 300 ml: 5 ml syp after breakfast in morning and 5 ml syrup after meal in evening.
  • Psoria Ointment 150gm: Apply ointment at bed time in all affected parts.

Silent features of Psoriasis Kit

In the first week skin become smooth in nature in the second week(after 14 to 15 days) patient, itching induces and scalling observed in all body affected area. After 21 days, itching and all skin patch become smooth, 20- 30% of area get normal colours Patient get result withing 30 days only.