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What your dr should know?

leucoderma and psoriasis is a complex disease which can not be treated by a conventional dr.

Vitiligo & Psoriasis is a common but uncommon disease found in 2% of world population many drs who are giving treatment but they are not adequately trained to handle or treat vitiligo and psoriasis patients. Some doctors may not have a 'clinical eye' to diagnose vitiligo without investigations.

    Your doctor must know..,
  • Your doctor must have good knowledge about leucoderma and psoriasis disease.
  • Dr who has a good experience to treat Leucoderma and Psoriasis patients,it is not important that how many patients get cure or how many patient get treatment here.
  • Dr must have good experience of treating Leucoderma and Psoriasis patient in his/her last history.
  • Your dr must have good confidence to treat your Leucoderma and Psoriasis.
  • Your dr must familiar to treat Leucoderma and Psoriasis patients in day to day opd.
  • Your dr must show success story of Leucoderma and Psoriasis cases treated by him/her.