How to cope up with Psoriasis ?

Coping up with psoriasis as a patient :

First of all, you need to get convinced for yourself that you have psoriasis, it is not a normal disease,,with little care and understanding one can manage psoriasis effectively.

To fight with psoriasis it is very much important that patient must have positive attitude towards psoriasis and correct time schedules for each activity.

One has to learn not to feel embarrassed, ashamed, depressed, or worried about how others will react to psoriasis.

It is better not to avoid social situations, networking and parties. Let people around you know once and for all that you have some color problem with your skin. Once they will know it, they will also learn to accept it.

There are good ayurvedic treatment are available for psoriasis.

Consult a doctor who specializes in dealing with psoriasis cases.

Coping up with psoriasis as a parents :

Children usually cope with psoriasis better when their parents themselves are not over anxious about it. Your own over consciousness may create more problems for your child than the actual psoriasis. Learn to overcome that.

Let your child know that psoriasis is a skin problem and it will not disturb life when it is take care fully.

Educate your child on how to answer his friends, teachers and relatives if they inquire about red patches. She/he should be taught to answer firmly and carelessly about the insignificant nature of psoriasis.

Communicate with some of the close relatives (grand parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and teachers) informing them about psoriasis, requesting them not to discuss it with your child.

Avoid discussing your child's psoriasis and treatment repeatedly. Moreover, avoid negative discussion about psoriasis during the child's presence.

Support your child, and encourage him/her to get involved with activities and hobbies.

Help your child to boost self confidence and let psoriasis not come on his/her way of growing as a person. Many parents unknowingly end up making their children more conscious about psoriasis by feeling panic about it.

Coping up with psoriasis as as a citizen (who does not suffer from psoriasis) :

Psoriasis is a skin disease. Those who suffer from it do also suffer from some emotional trauma associated with psoriasis. As a civilized person it is our duty to have healthy outlook towards those who suffer from psoriasis.

Do not discuss with the sufferer as to what is this, how did it happen, etc which might make him feel more embarrassed.

Patients with psoriasis do not need pity or sympathy. They simply need understanding.

Mostly it is a experience of a psoriasis patient that psoriasis never get cured and he/she has to live life with psoriasis only.

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