Berrys Healthcare research work in Ayurveda

Berrys Healthcare Profile

Focus on Leucoderma & Psoriasis

Mr. Kazi has a vision to treat Leucoderma and Psoriasis patients, with research and experience of 50 years, also there is a vision to give a treatment and comprehensive treatment to all.

Research going on

Leucoderma and Psoriasis is an untreatable disease, there are nos of remedies available to treat this disease but patient is not satisfied because of relapse and recurrence issue. Leuco Kit has success rate more then 96% in treatment of Vitiligo without any relapse and recurrence. Psoria Kit has success rate more then 96% in treatment of Psoriasis without any relapse and recurrence. Still, we do research in this area to give more and good compliance to all patients.

Mission of Berrys Healthcare

Observing very wide potentiality of Herbal Remedies in certain ailments where modern medicine has very little to offer, we at Berrys Healthcare, a team of experienced dr with deep knowledge of ayurvedic preparations based on Indian ancient method to meet with the purpose of curing disease from root cause. Mr. Kazi and expert team after 50 years of experience, a unique formula which treat Leucoderma and Psoriasis by root cause. To treat Leucoderma and Psoriasis without relapse and recurrence is a mission of Berrys Healthcare.

Berry Skin Care Clinic Contribution & development

Berry Skin Care Clinic is a subsidiary company of Berrys Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Karnataka. The objective to establish Berry Skin Care Clinic is to provide standard and comprehensive treatment to Leucoderma and Psoriasis Patients. Berry Skin Care Clinic is now established in all leading city of Gujarat and shortly planning to expand in Rajasthan and North India.


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