Source of Medicine

Source of Ayurvedic Medicines

A small description by Berry Skin Care Clinic about the source of Ayurvedic medicine

How Ayurvedic medicine get prepared?

Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from natural sources, most of the medicine made up from herbs and their parts like leaf, bark, and root.

Genuine medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is genuine medicine because it does not contain any synthetic products or mixed with the synthetic product.

Absolutely free from toxins

Ayurvedic medicine is prepared from safe for any age and at any stage. It does not contain any heavy metals or any synthetic product so it is safe for all to use.

It works!

If you search and analysis today’s scenario, ayurvedic products acceptance is increased like anything in last years, as knowledge of ayurveda is reached to people benefits and cost of therapy for all disease. Till date ayurveda is only used for life saving diseases and only cases where patient loose confidence in allopathy and homeopathy they come to ayurveda. Ayurveda has definite role in all kind of cases and disease and it is accepted today.