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Treatment of vitiligo at berry skin care clinic

Berrys Healthcare, 60 years old ayurvedic company,based at Hubli,Karnataka surveing society for the treatment of Leucoderma/Vitiligo/Whitepatch worldwide. Berry Skin Care Clinic is a subsudery company of Berrys Healthcare now established in all over india.

Objective and mission of company




Vitiligo,Leucoderma,White Patch,Switra

Treatment Duration

6 month to 12 month(depends upon patient,how old,what kind of medicine has taken in past,BMI etc..)

Success rate

More then 96%

Diet schedule

Cytrus Fruits,Bringel,Geggery,Alchohol,Non-Veg,Sodium Bio-Carbonate

How to use Leuco Kit?

Leuco Kit is a combi pack which contains 3 different medicine.
Leuco Powder 120 gm
Leuco Capsule 120 pc
Leuco Syrup 300 ml

Use of Leuco Powder:
Sock powder with water at night and apply on affected skin in early morning. No need to take sun light in morning.

Use of Leuco Capsule:
2 cap in morning before breakfast and 2 cap in evening before meal.

Use of Leuco Syrup:
5 ml syp after breakfast in morning and 5 ml syp after meal in evening.

Silent futures of leuco kit

When patient starts leuco kit….,

in first week white patch/skin get pink or red in colour -in second week(after 14 to 15 days) patient has good itching on all patches -after 21 days patiet get good nos pigments in 20 to 30% of area

  • Patient get result withing 30 days only
  • Treatment duration is 180 days to 365 days (depends upon area covered and history of medicine patient has taken from various drs)
  • No relapse
  • No recurrence
  • No need to go for panchkarma process
  • Cost of therapy is affordable so everybody can afford it
  • Limited diatery restrictions
  • Area like palm,fingertips,toes,sole,ankle,elbow get covered in same time
  • Every patient is a different patient so result may vary from patient to patient.
    To see more reference go to media.

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