Inverse psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis which cover axilla, groin region, skin under brest is called as inverse psoriasis. Most of case in early stage it is dignosed as a fungal infection.

Area where inverse psoriasis develop skin colour is very much red with excessive itching and some time swelling also. Patient may feel uncomfortable who has this kind of psoriasis when he attend any functions and meetings.

It is observed that in case of suffocation of sweting on this particular area ithing may start like any thing and it is not controllable for the patient.

Case study-1

Start Psoria Kit as per advice and dose suggested by our expert doctors at Berry Skin Care Clinic.

7 days observation

  • Itching induce
  • Skin become red in colour
  • Scalling reduce in affected area
  • Slight thickness reduce

15 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 30%
  • Scalling reduce
  • Itching reduce in body

21 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 50%
  • Itching stop in body
  • Scalling reduce
  • 30% recovery observed

90 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 80%
  • Only scar left on body
  • 60-70% recovery observed

180 days observation

  • 90% thickness reduced
  • Skin colour match in normal skin
  • 90% recovery observed

240 days observation

  • 100% skin become normal
  • 100% complete.

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