How to adjust life with psoriasis ?

Psoriasis is a disease where patient develop red patches on body, it may itch or bleed some times.

Patient who has psoriasis, it is very difficult to adjust life with psoriasis.

Psoriasis develop in male and female in same nos, max in age of 12 years to 35 years.

We can divide psoriasis in three parts to understand how you can adjust your life schedule with psoriasis and what are other factors which work to increase and decrease psoriasis on body.

In initial stage or patient have mild psoriasis :

  • Take proper medicine at time
  • Make your self busy in some of activity
  • Cover your body with enough cloths in day and night time
  • Parents, guardians or relative has to boost the confidence of patient to fight against psoriasis as it is in primary stage
  • As it is in primary stage please do not ignore psoriasis medicines
  • Take good foods which give good qty of neutrians to boost immunity of a patient.

When it is mild to moderate psoriasis :

  • Take medicine properly
  • Use ointment or tube priscribed by dr to make your skin mosturised
  • Cover your body with enough cloths
  • Protect your body from external atmosphere,means avoid to go out side for more time
  • Maintain body temperature means do not go to excess hot place or do not go to cold place ,which trigger psoriasis like any thing
  • Take good foods which give good qty of nautrians to boost immunity to fight against psoriasis.
  • Spend maximum time with family members and do some activity to keep your thinking away of psoriasis
  • Please take care that your skin does not get any injury in any parts.

When psoriasis is severe its too difficult for a patient to survive

  • Do not go out side of house
  • Take proper medicine
  • Use maximum ointments
  • Maintain body temperature
  • Good doctor as a counselor and good family support
  • Do not stop taking food, here may be patient lost his/her appetite.

As psoriasis is a disease where patient life become miserable, if patient co-operate and fight with positive attitude with moral support of family persons, psoriasis will not affect life schedules.

This information we share what we experience and advice to our patients when we start treatment of psoriasis with Psoria-Kit at Berry Skin Care Clinic.

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