Dr. Kazi Profile

Dr. M. H. Kazi

With a rich experience of 50 years ,Dr M H Kazi has invented a research formula which treat Vitiligo and psoriasis by root cause. Dr M H Kazi with a rich clinical experience of more then 50 years has treatment thousands of patients suffering with various aliments. Dr M H Kazi was a scholar & Carried out extensive research in Ayurveda. Interestingly his research on a few exclusive Ayurvedic classical medicines were recoggnised by Ayurvedic Institution and rewarded by Late Mrs.Indira Gandhi as a scholar of Nature’s treatment Campaign held in New Delhi in 1978. Dr M H Kazi carried out research on tough & untreatable diseases like Leucoderma,Psoriasis,infertility in male and female and immune-modulators and asthamatic problems,Diabetes and heart disease. The legacy left behind by Dr M H Kazi is being vigoursly followed & practiced,and it is in the endecour of Berrys Healthcare to ful-fill his cherished dreams. Berry Healthcare ,since 1958 has blended ayurvedic expertise with modern medical research methodology,to extend the science of ayurveda to produce scientifically verified herbals treatment

Founder of Berrys Healthcare & Berry Skin Care

Dr. M. H. Kazi was a founder of Berrys Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Berry Skin Care Clinic is a subsidiary company of Berrys Healthcare, Mr. Rafik takes care of Management of Berry Skin Care Clinic all over India.