Berry Skin Care Clinic mission to develop the highest ayurvedic medical practice standards and make best of ayurvedic treatment available to anyone in the world.To realize the full potential of ayurveda and translating it into patients benefits.


Berry Skin Care Clinic vision is to to bring ayurveda close to mainstream medicine by research,scientific application and high standards in practice.to be recognized as leaders in modern ayurvedic and deliver life changing measures using ayurveda. To achieve best in ayurvedic system by interlinking global practice, research, medical training and ayurvedic promotion.

Ethics Policy

  • We, at Berry Skin Care, offer authentic and genuine guidance to all those who come for treatment and have one or more disease.
  • We do not force any one to start our treatment forcefully.
  • We explain chances of recovery and time required for the treatment to each patient based on old and stage of the disease.
  • We undertake treatment of only those patients whom we think we would be able to help.
  • At Berry Skin Care Clinic,ethics value win over commercial value.
  • We do not over-promise.