Steroid is not a solution in Psoriasis

Now a days nos of conventional medicines are use for the treatment of psoriasis, Marjory steroids are available in form of tube, ointment, tablet and injection.

Steroid is one of powerful immune-supressive medicine which give immediate relief in Psoriasis,how ever in long term use it is not benefited and patient may cause severe side effect.The long term effects are often ignored by the conventional doctors. The common observations with the use of cortisone by doctors is as under:

  • Cortisones may help initially for a short time
  • Stopping of cortisone almost invariably leads to reappearance of psoriasis.
  • Continuous use of cortisone on some patches are likely to suppress those patches but lead to new patches of psoriasis elsewhere on the body.
  • Cortisones treated relapses are more severe, more complex, and more difficult to treat.
  • It is wise to avoid cortisone as far as possible and reserve its use for most severe cases psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
  • Cortisone puts you to the vicious cycle of dependency
  • Cortisone dependents have to come out of the vicious cycle
  • Cortisones produce side effects by hampering the immunity, lowering resistance, disturbing hormonal cycle, etc.

In our experience patient use steroids some time by self medication or sometime priscribed by doctors,when it stops patient may have complain to increase new patch of psoriasis on body and it flare-up in fast way and make life more complex.

This situation can be handled by ayurvedic products but keep in mond when you start ayurvedic medicine there are chances to increase disease, it is not because of ayurvedic medicine it is because of side effect of steroids.

It has been observed in daily practice, that, use of cortisone produces dramatic results initially. However, its influence is quite superficial, as the eruptions not only relapse after stopping the Cortisones, but they relapse more aggressively. The use of Cortisones is not recommended due to the following observations:

Cortisone works like a mask which gives temporary pleasure initially and increased suffering later.

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