Psoriasis on Hand Treatment

It is common type of psoriasis may be plaque type of psoriasis or it may be erythrodermic psoriasis.

Before you start the treatment you need to conform what type of psoriasis you have.

If it cover entire hand with silvery scale in a large piece it may be erythrodermic type and if it has cover a big patch and other areas are still safe it may be plaque type of psoriasis.

At berry skin care clinic, all type of psoriasis we treat and we have research product which has 96% success rate in treating psoriasis.

Let’s see few case study to understand treatment

Case study-1

Psoriasis on Hand

7 days observation

  • Itching induce
  • Skin become red in colour
  • Scalling reduce in affected area
  • Slight thickness reduce

15 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 30%
  • Scalling reduce
  • Itching reduce in body

21 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 50%
  • Itching stop in body
  • Scalling reduce
  • 30% recovery observed

90 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 80%
  • Only scar left on body
  • 60-70% recovery observed

180 days observation

  • 90% thickness reduced
  • Skin colour match in normal skin
  • 90% recovery observed

240 days observation

  • 100% skin become normal
  • 100% complete

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