I was very pleased with my experience at Doctors Care. I can be a hard critic of emergency care places and the people employed by them. Combine that attitude with an innate crankiness when I’m not feeling at all well and the result can be much less than pleasant. This time (My first time at Doctors Care) was a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. When I say the doctor and all the other employees of the Dorchester Doctors Care made me feel that I was in safe hands and even made me smile when I left, then you can believe they are the best. I am truly grateful and won’t get that awful feeling of dread the next time I get sick and am unable to see my own physician. I appreciated their follow-up and willingness to answer questions also. A big thank you to all of them.

Doctors Care made me feel that I was in safe hands

I really appreciate your weekend hours… hours when our regular doctors won’t talk to us or see us, unless we’re in the hospital. Good for you, keep up the good work.

Extended hours are great!

I have always been able to talk to the doctor and get my problems resolved. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. Would not consider changing doctors.

Coming here is like dealing with trusted family

They always treat me with tender loving care. Because they really do care.

Doctors Care really does care

Everyone was very nice, and it is nice to be treated well since you are the patient in need of help. Caring, smiling and laughing is good atmosphere for patients. I will continue to come here when my family doctor isn’t available. I was very well taken care of.

I was very well taken care of at Doctors Care

This was the best team of medical staff I have been around in a long time. I would love to have them around if I ever get sick again. The Doctor had been busy but still took the time to make me feel like I was the only patient there. The gentleman that took my initial information was terrific, he too made me feel like I was the first patient of the day. I loved visiting and if I need their service again I know I will be welcomed.

I know I will be welcomed at Doctors Care

Thank you very much! Everyone is so friendly and I am very thankful you are in this area to care for us when we need you. Your hours you are available are wonderful. The Doctors, nurses & staff are professional and very thorough.

Friendly and professional staff

I was truly impressed with your nice facility and the caring staff and friendly can do attitude and smiles. The TV Monitor with the DVD playing beautiful relaxing nature scenes was the best I have ever seen. [Doctors] are TRULY AMAZING, as well as the front desk staff were incredible on all 3 visits I made to your office. I love the fact that you bill for one visit and can return within 10 days to have a follow up or check it out again as part of the original payment. Plus the insurance person was able to verify they take my insurance while I was on the phone. All this adds up to customer service you rarely see these days! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!! You have a customer for life.

Customer for life!

I was welcomed with friendly staff and they were very helpful. The wait was over 1 hour, but three days later I am feeling much better. [Doctor] was very nice and helpful in explaining how to take the medicine prescribed. The medicine was called into my pharmacy and it was ready to pick up immediately. I have been to the Carolina Forest Doctors Care three different times. My primary care Physician could not see me for 2 weeks.

Care when I needed it

I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the staff at the Doctors Care I visited. From the front desk, to the nurses, and the doctor. Each and every one of them was courteous, professional, and made my visit as comfortable as they possibly could. Please forward my thanks on to each and every one of the staff there. Thanks!!

Courteous and professional staff

I am writing to thank your entire staff for the excellent care received during my visit to your office in July. Entering Doctors Care that morning I was experiencing what was thought to be the flu for close to 6 days of our annual Myrtle Beach vacation. My wonderful wife of 36 years says it’s the sickest she’s ever seen me (sorry for shaving and wearing socks with my sandals!) Your diagnosis and treatment regimen for pneumonia enabled us to make our flight home the next day (which when walking into your office that morning seemed highly unlikely.

Starting with the courteous receptionist when first walking in that day, each staff member (blood work nurse, x-ray technician, doctor’s assistant, exit billing staff, and others) presented themselves in a positive, professional manner. I also appreciated the cleanliness of the waiting room and examination rooms. You all did a thorough job, and although I felt lousy at the time, it was apparent you all worked well together. A special thanks to the doctor for taking extra time to methodically and accurately diagnose the problem as pneumonia. I was feeling so much better within 24 hours taking the antibiotic!

Doctors Care is Excellent Care!

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to my wife. Our experience at this facility was of the quickest and best we have ever encountered.

Doctors Care is the best!

My experience with Doctors Care was beyond my belief. My wait time in both the waiting room and the exam room was short, especially for not having scheduled an appointment! Not to mention how great the service was. The staff provided excellent professional and courteous care.

A great experience

Both doctors were caring and concerned, friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. I was so very thankful for the excellent care I received at Doctors Care

Excellent care

Doctors Care is a top-notched family care facility. I could not make it to the doctor’s office before 5pm and I am very thankful that Doctors Care keeps their doors open so late. Thank you for providing such convenient care!

Top-notched family care

I just wanted to thank the staff at Doctors Care for taking such great care of me when I was ill. I could tell that the staff worked very well as a team and ensured that I received high quality care. Thank you for being so compassionate!

Thank you Doctors Care!