Facts About Ayurveda

Fact about ayurveda

Difference between Ayurvedic medicine vs Modern medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine Allopathy Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine deal with permanently healing the person and effectively treating the disease Allopathy medicine provide instant relief by destroying germs,bacteria and virus. Allopathy does not treat disease by root cause
Ayurvedic medicine consists of natural herbs and treatment disease without any side effect Allopathy medicines are synthetically prepared and have some or more side effects
Ayurvedic medicine mainly concentrate on the root cause of the problem Allopathy medicine focus on the symptoms not on cause
Ayurvedic medicine provide relatively slow recovery but permanent relief Allopathy medicine provide fast relief but it is temporary not permanent.
Ayurvedic medicines are relatively cheper which can be afford by a common man Allopathy medicines are costly,which can not afford by every one

Conclusion: Ayurvedic medicines are highly beneficial as they help to effectively treatment our body,and also revive our mind and soul.