Plaque psoriasis Treatment

It is a very common type of psoriasis found. As per survey 70% of patients suffering with plaque psoriasis. Plaque psoriasis where patient develop big red scalling patch on body,it is develop almost all in all body and size is vary in all body parts

It is very common and easily curable compare to all other type of psoriasis. In plaque psoriasis skin inflamed with red colour and patches cover by silvery scale, scalling is more in morning time,some time it may crack and bleed also due to itching by patient.

Normally plaque psoriasis cover scalp, chest, hand, leg area.

Case study-1

Plaque psoriasis Treatment
Treatment of Plaque psoriasis

Start Psoria Kit as per advice and dose suggested by our expert doctors at Berry Skin Care Clinic.

7 days observation

  • Itching induce
  • Skin become red in colour
  • Scalling reduce in affected area
  • Slight thickness reduce

15 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 30%
  • Scalling reduce
  • Itching reduce in body

21 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 50%
  • Itching stop in body
  • Scalling reduce
  • 30% recovery observed

90 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 80%
  • Only scar left on body
  • 60-70% recovery observed

180 days observation

  • 90% thickness reduced
  • Skin colour match in normal skin
  • 90% recovery observed

240 days observation

  • 100% skin become normal
  • 100% complete.

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