Full Body psoriasis Treatment

As per our day to day experience at Berry Skin Care Clinic,patient who has history more than 5 years and not taken any treatment ,there are chances that this patient may develop psoriasis on full body.

It is a very painful condition as patient has severe itching in all patch and bleed.

Case study-1

Start Psoria Kit as per advice and dose suggested by our expert doctors at Berry Skin Care Clinic.

Hand with Psoriasis Psoriasis Hand Psoriasis on Hands Psoriasis on Legs

7 days observation

  • Itching induce
  • Skin become red in colour
  • Scalling reduce in affected area
  • Slight thickness reduce

15 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 30%
  • Scalling reduce
  • Itching reduce in body

21 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 50%
  • Itching stop in body
  • Scalling reduce
  • 30% recovery observed

90 days observation

  • Thickness reduce by 80%
  • Only scar left on body
  • 60-70% recovery observed

180 days observation

  • 90% thickness reduced
  • Skin colour match in normal skin
  • 90% recovery observed

240 days observation

  • 100% skin become normal
  • 100% complete.

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