Diagnosis of Psoriasis

Diagnosis of Psoriasis

In psoriasis red patches are develop in one or more area at a same time. To diagnose of psoriasis clinically is very much important. The white silvery scales of psoriasis are very distinctive and guiding feature for diagnosis. Also, consideration of the history, family history, the spread on affected areas, etc. is taken into account to conclude the diagnosis of psoriasis.

When psoriasis affect scalp patient may complain for excess dandruff in head.

To diagnose psoriasis doctor must have clinical eye to diagnose it perfectly.

  • Patients family history(any person had psoriasis years before)
  • History of auto-immune disease in family to father mother, grand father, grandmother, inlaws.
  • How patients skin react to different seasons.
  • At what time period or interval it get relapse.
  • How it it growing or what type of pathes he develops.
  • Last medicine used and its effect on patches.
  • Experienced doctor need just 5 minutes to diagnose psoriasis on this parameters after treating nosof cases of psoriasis.
Diagnosis of Psoriasis

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