How to find a good doctor for your psoriasis treatment ?

Psoriasis is an un-common but uncommon disease found in 2% of world population, many doctors who are giving treatment but they are not adequately trained to handle or treat psoriasis patients. Some doctors may not have a clinical eye to diagnose psoriasis without investigations.

As all know there is no medicine which give 100% cure from psoriasis as of know but there are some ayurvedic remedies which are worth for psoriasis treatments.

We at Berry Skin Care Clinic, treat psoriasis with success rate of 96%, without replace and recurrence, as a patient when you meet the doctor you must ask few question related to psoriasis.

  • Ask your doctor if he is confident about the diagnosis of psoriasis in your case.
  • Ask if your doctor has experience to treat at least 100 cases of psoriasis, it is not compulsory that all cases get cured but for you it is important that that doctor must have good nos of psoriasis patients and experience.
  • Please search that doctor what you had choose has experience about treating psoriasis in past history,he/she must have good experience of psoriasis treatment with enough documents.
  • Ask your doctor what about scope and what are the possibility of getting good result in short time in your case if he start treatment of psoriasis ?
  • What are the success rates in psoriasis treatment over all treatment given by a doctor.
  • If your doctor is familiar to treat psoriasis in day by day OPD or often he Is used to treat ?
  • If the doctor having data of other patient when they start treatment and at completion of treatment(photos)
  • Ask doctor about side effect of medicine given by doctor to you for psoriasis treatment.
  • Also ask what happen when patient stop medicine for psoriasis after complete treatment and what are the changes found in body?many of time doctors will not tell that after discontinue of medicine psoriasis again relapses.
  • Try to get some of references what doctor has treated in recently and in past

Many of patient get shocked when psoriasis is diagnosed. In this case doctor must have good role as a doctor and as a counselor for psoriasis.

If I want to share my experience in simple words.

Do not panic :
Psoriasis is not a serious disease. As I always say, getting anxious or panic is not going to help your child in any way.
Try to understand psoriasis :
Psoriasis is a disorder like any other medical problem such as allergy, migraine, alopecia areata, colds, etc; in fact, without any suffering associated with it. It results due to loss of pigment, not a big deal, medically speaking.
All psoriasis patients do not get it all over the body :
Most parents have concern what if the child will have psoriasis spread all over the body. It is rare for psoriasis to spread all over the body. Mostly, the spread depends on the genetic factors.
Types of psoriasis :
There are various types of psoriasis that your doctors will explain. In fact, The success of treatment may depend on the type of psoriasis, which your doctors should be able to explain.
No infection :
Most parents already know that psoriasis is not contagious or infectious at some stages..
Social stigma :
Psoriasis is no more a stigma. Some communities or segments of society with lower educational background might consider psoriasis as a stigma, which must be ignored by all parents (and patients). I suggest not paying attention to what others think about your child's psoriasis.
Accept it :
If you as parent accept your child's psoriasis, then the child will accept it easily. If you and your child learn to accept psoriasis; the society will also accept it. Acceptance of psoriasis will make your child less conscious about it.
Do not hide, be comfortable with psoriasis :
I know it is little hard but I suggest not to hide psoriasis spots. Let your child wear clothing of his/her choice irrespective of the visibility of psoriasis spots on certain parts of the body. If you are comfortable with your psoriasis spots then only others will become comfortable with your psoriasis spots.
Do not search for new spots :
I urge all parents not to search for new psoriasis spots, every day. The process of searching new spots will make your child more conscious about psoriasis.
Examine it once a month or less :
I suggest to examine your child's psoriasis spots only once in a month or less; that too when the child is asleep. Frequent examination of psoriasis spots (to check if it has grown larger or smaller); will make your child feel that something is seriously wrong with his body.
Boost your child's confidence :
Major duty of the parents of psoriasis-affected child is to be able to boost his confidence. This is possible if you and your child learn to accept psoriasis with proper understanding.
Marriage related concern :
If the patient is having psoriasis, please do not plan marriage until things are under control.
Let psoriasis not be a block to growth :
If your approach towards psoriasis is matured, your child will also learn to accept psoriasis as a part of the body; that will help him/her grow in life without psoriasis becoming a block.
Treatment of psoriasis :
Psoriasis treatment is a slow process. Use of immunosuppressive measures often lead to increase of psoriasis on a later date, in my experience. Choose a treatment, which offers :
  • Control of disease process
  • Stimulates body's immunity
  • Safe