Treatment With Psoria-Kit

  • This is a world wide problem affecting 3% of the World Population and 4% of Indian population
  • Berry's Health Care Has Really done a difference for Solving the Above.
  • Our Major Objective was to provide
  • diseases Like Leucoderma and Psoriasis.

Clinical Trail — Psoria Kit

Psoria Kit Chart

Clinical Results of PSORIASIS Patients

Sucess Story Psoria

Clinical Condition of the Patient. Diagnosis: Psoriasis for 18 years

berry success

History: Patient was seen with severe scaling and few exudative wounds spread throughout the skin surface area. The patient was literally depressed. In addition to that Psoriatic Arthritis was induced due to continuous steroid therapy. The symptoms lasted since 15 years with a gradual increase in the size of the lesions. Treatment Started on 20.01.2007. Patient was initially subjected to Virechana therapy and subsequently started with Psoria Kit.

Observation after 1 Month

obersavation after one month

After three Days of Treatment Patient complained about swelling, severe Itching and Burning sensation of the skin. Subsequently after 7 days the lesions appeared red in Color and Itching was reduced. Further after 4 weeks the lesions were reduced in thickness and scaling was stopped . Patient had a good sleep without any pain.

Observation after 5 Months

obersavation after 5 months

Patient also showed lot of improvement in all the complaints Psoriatic Arthritis was taken care in the Due course of Treatment. Advised to continue the therapy for 1 more month with Gradual step down in the Dosage schedule and withdraw the treatment.