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Facts About Vitiligo/Leucoderma/White Patch

What is this disease? How is it caused? Can it be cured? Answers for the most frequently asked questions on Leucoderma.

What exactly is Leucoderma?

Strictly speaking, Leucoderma is not a medical term, though it has come to mean any white/light coloured skin patch. Very broadly, white patches can be acquired or may be present at birth. Again, both acquired and congenital skin patches can result from hordes of reasons. While congenital patches are not of much importance - since a majority of them are birthmarks anyway, the disease wherein acquired patches develop is generally referred to as Leucoderma (or Leucoderma in medical terms). Other acquired white patches usually follow some preceding disorder.

Vitiligo is a skin disorder where skin looses it color pigment called melanin. There may either be destruction of melanin or loss of melanin pigments.

What causes Leucoderma?

Despite advanced research, medicine is still trying to figure out the exact cause (leave alone the most appropriate treatment!) ofLeucoderma. There are numerous theories as to what could cause this disease, of which three have been widely accepted.

The first theory is one of mistaken identity. The immune system mistakes the pigment cells for foreign bodies and destroys them. The second theory states that certain chemical agents destroy the pigment generating cells, while the third theory states that the cells are destroyed due to chemical exposure.

The first theory is one of mistaken identity. The immune system mistakes the pigment cells for foreign bodies and destroys them. The second theory states that certain chemical agents destroy the pigment generating cells, while the third theory states that the cells are destroyed due to chemical exposure.

Is Leucoderma hereditary?

Children of parents where one or both have Leucoderma are only at a fraction of a higher risk than the general population. Even the general population is at a risk of 1-2 %. This means that even with no family history for generations, any normal and fit person too stands a chance of 1-2 % of developing Leucoderma (practically

Why are Leucoderma spots white?

White patches need not always spell doom. Only a fraction of them could be the dreaded Leucoderma. And that too, a majority of the cases are amenable to medical management.

Can Leucoderma be caused by consuming contrasting food items like fish/onions with milk?

Nothing can be further from the truth. This is a myth with absolutely no scientific basis. How this old grandma's tale started is still a matter of speculation. A point that should further strengthen the belief that diet has absolutely nothing to do with Leucoderma is that no dietary restrictions of any kind are imposed on a Leucoderma patient. Vitamin-C rich foods, which were once thought to promote the disease process, are no longer restricted either because of their proven and beneficial role as antioxidants.

How is it confirmed whether a white patch is Leucoderma?

The white patch will in all probability be Leucoderma if it:

  • Has an outline darker than the skin.
  • Is irregular in appearance.
  • Gradually increases in size.
  • Appears milky white under an ultraviolet light

What if two people with this disease get married to each other or if one person marries a Leucoderma patient or someone with a family history of Leucoderma?

If both parents have Leucoderma, it does increase the child's chance of getting it, but only nominally. Very often, children of parents with Leucoderma have no trace of the disease. If the disease is 'full-blown' in both the parents, the children could have a maximum 25% chance of acquiring it. As of now there is no test, genetic or prenatal, that will help decide the fate of the child in this regard.

No one in my family has Leucoderma / vitiligo. How did I get it?

One can get vitiligo even if no one in the family has or had vitiligo. Most patients of vitiligo have family history of one of the autoimmune diseases such as Vitiligo, diabetes, hypothyroid, alopecia areata, cancer, etc., which is suggestive of genetic link. Many times patients may not be fully aware of the relevant family history.

Is vitiligo infectious? Can others touch me if I have vitiligo?

Vitiligo does not spread by touch. It is not caused by any germs such as bacteria or virus. It is safe to touch one who has vitiligo. It is a sign of ignorance if one avoids touching the person who has vitiligo.

I have vitiligo. I fear that it will spread. What are the chances of spread?

It is not possible to predict if one's vitiligo would spread. The experience shows that there are some criteria which make on prone to extensive vitiligo. Some to the factors which increase the chances of spread, though it is not a rule, are:

  • Strong family history of vitiligo
  • Appearance of vitiligo spots on both sides (bilateral) of the body, including finger tips, toes, and lips.
  • Associated with hypothyroid (under active thyroid) or diabetes.

Is sun exposure harmful on the vitiligo spots?

Exposure of vitiligo spots to the rising sun and the setting sun is useful to vitiligo spots. The gentle sunlight is useful in vitiligo and helps for natural re-pigmentation.

Due to lack of melanin, the patches of vitiligo on skin have no natural protection against the sun's rays. Therefore, the most important reason for protecting your skin is to prevent sunburn and cancer of skin. Exposure to sun is not likely to increase vitiligo. However, the sun exposure might tan the skin making the vitiligo spot look more prominent.

Exposure to the harsh sunlight should be avoided, and if the person experiences sunburn or discomfort, then patient should use sun block creams, or a cap, or full clothes, or use an umbrella.

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