Vitiligo on your Genital Parts

Vitiligo is not a serious disease,more then a medical term it is a social disease.

It is seen that most of patients who come to our clinic for the treatment of vitiligo, they have develop white patch in all area of body. Some of them also develop white patch on genital parts later on.

Mostly what we observed that patient who had vitiligo only on genital parts,he/she refuse to take any of treatment because they do not want to open their profile against any body. They purchase product online and use, but never discuss. It is very important that patient must know that vitiligo is not a disease like cough and cold which can be treated by self or it can be treated with help of product which is available online.

In case when patient is suffering with genital vitiligo,dr has to take this as a special case which require more consultation and motivation to understand how to cure it. Usually we get this kind of patient in our regular OPD. Let’s understand about treatment.

Case study-1

Start leuco kit as per advice and dose suggested by our expert doctors at Berry Skin Care Clinic.

7 days observation

  • Skin become pink in colour
  • Mild itching induce on white patch
  • Some time patient also complain for burning

15 days observation

  • Skin become red or dark pink in colour
  • Few of patient may develop blister on white patch at this time(it develop one time in entire treatment in just 2% of patient-not applicable to all)
  • Excess itching develop on white patch with burning sensation

21 days observation

  • 20 to 40% of area get pigments
  • Universal pigments will come and gradually size increased
  • Mild itching

30 days observation

  • 20% to 30% area get pigments
  • Few of small patches covered by borders
  • Mild itching feel by patient

90 days observation

  • 40% recovery on all patch

180 days observation

  • 80-85% recovery on all patch

270 days observation

  • 100% patch cover
  • Skin become normal

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