Symptoms of Vitiligo

The symptom of Vitiligo is a milky white patch or spot develop in body in any of area.The shape and size is variable from patient to patient,some time it starts from eye lid or some time it starts from finger tips or in major cases it starts and cover all area of body in same time and spread day by dayIn some of the vitiligo patches the hair may turn gray suggesting of loss of melanin pigment at the roots.

To understand your vitiligo it is compulsory to know the types of vitiligo you have and how this can be cure and in what time ?

Now a days most of patient who has a little knowledge regarding vitiligo they are afread of treatments because of rumors related to vitiligo.

Types of Vitiligo

  • Generalized Vitiligo

  • Segmental Vitiligo

  • Acrofacial Vitiligo

Let’s see in details to understand it.

Generalized Vitiligo

  • The most common Vitiligo found in patients,as per one survey 70% of vitiligo patients are suffering with generalized vitiligo.
  • In this type patient develop nos of white patch in all body in same time and gradually it increases day by day or month by month.
  • If this type of vitiligo is not treated in initial stage it may cover 80 to 90% of body in approx 1 or 2 years.

Segmental vitiligo

  • White patch which found in a small or a fix area only
  • This kind of vitiligo does not spread in other area,some time after many years also there is no progress or stop as it is develop in body.
  • As per study 20% patients are suffering with segmental vitiligo.

Acrofecial vitiligo

  • Body area like eyelid, eyebrow, lips, palm, finger tips, sole, toes, ankle, elbow affected by vitiligo.
  • This kind of vitiligo will restrict to this area only for selected time period and then if not treated it may spread to other parts of body.

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