Vitiligo on your full body

Initial stage of vitiligo when patient has not taken any treatment or patient who has taken lots of treatment with immunosuppressive medicine, make chance to develop white patch in full body withing 6 month to 1 year of period.

This kind of patient may not tolerate sun light, some time complain for blister and sun burn when they go out side in sun light.

At berry skin care clinic, we usually get this kind of patient on frequent base.

Case study-1(vitiligo on full body)

Vitiligo on Face
Vitiligo on Face
Leucoderma on Face
Vitiligo on Full Body
Vitiligo on Left Hand
Vitiligo on Right Hand
Vitiligo on Left Leg
Vitiligo on Right Leg

Start leuco kit as per advice and dose suggested by our expert doctors at Berry Skin Care Clinic.

7 days observation

  • Skin become pink in colour
  • Mild itching induce on white patch

15 days observation

  • Excess itching on all patch
  • Some of area may develop blister
  • Burning complain

21 days observation

  • 20% to 40% area get pigments
  • Universal pigments will come and gradually size increased
  • Mild itching

30 days observation

  • 25-30% recovery in 30 days only

90 days observation

  • 50% recovery on all patch

180 days observation

  • 75% approx in all area

270 to 300 days Recovery

  • 90% recovery in all white patch

365 days

  • 100% all parts recover

Please note : Body bad parts like lips, finger tips, palm, sole this area take more time compare to hairy parts of the body, this will take more time to make file completed.

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