Treatment With Leuco-Kit

Name of Patient Treatment taken from various Doctors Age Weight Area Covered With white patch Any other Disease
Not Displayed 15 Doctors from city 18 40 95% NO

Clinical Condition:

  • Full white body covered with leucoderma.
  • Patient has taken steroids inj on white patch and puva therapy also from various doctors, menstrual cycles are disturb and patient is depressed because of long treatment of 10 years without any kind of result.
  • When treatment start at Berry Skin Care Clinic for Vitiligo...

Observation after 45 Days.

In first 45 days only patient get very good result on face area and almost it get clear,patient was very happy and develop confidence for further treatment. Rest of parts also get good start of pigments without itching.

Observation after 6 Months.

In 180 days treatment face of patient become normal and other area also near to complete by pigments.

After 9 month 90% area is clear and normal with pigments. All body parts has not black hair on skin ,early it has white hairs most of area get normal skin colour and sweating also like natural skin. Further this patient has to continue medicine for next 5 month to complete file of Vitiligo.

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