Treatment With LEUCO-KIT

Name of Patient Treatment taken from various Doctors Age Weight Area Covered With white patch Any other Disease
Not Displayed No treatment 13 32 95% NO

Clinical Condition:

This patient is from amreli district. When patient come to clinic almost 99% white which on body. Patient has not taken any kind of treatment.she use only local steroid tube on white patch and take early morning sunlight.it is observed that in initial case of puberty period she complain for increased patch in last 6 month which make her more confused and dipressed. When treatment start at Berry Skin Care Clinic for Vitiligo...

Observation after 60 Days.

In 60 days of treatment patient has complain of good itching and some area get blisted also. Pigmentation process start in this patient within 15 days only on entire body and get universal pigments.

Patient has 70% white hair on scalp with white patch, with enire body treatment scalp also get pigments and hair starts to turn in black colour.

Observation after 150 Days.

In 150 days treatment face of patient become normal and other area also near to complete by pigments.

After 240 days body get 95% area become normal and hairs are also black in colour. Further this patient has to continue medicine for next 3 month to complete file of Vitiligo.

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