Vitiligo Treatment in Pune

Vitiligo is a pigmentation-destroying autoimmune condition affecting more than 3 percent Indian. Vitiligo treatment in Pune is quite possible with Berry Skin Care – a leading clinical chain in India. Before we start talking about vitiligo treatment lets first understand why vitiligo affects body. As the immune system of your body mistakenly attacks and kills off melanocytes (the cells where skin color is produced), it leaves white patches or spot on the skin that can be quite disfiguring. Sometimes patches even appear inside the mouth or nose, around the genitals and rectum, in the eyes or on hair. As per medical literature there are various reasons for vitiligo and it is clearly mentioned that it is not contagious. Berry Skin Care provides various kind of Ayurveda based vitiligo treatment in Pune based on your medical condition and type of vitiligo.

Vitiligo Cure in Pune

After treating millions of patients with vitiligo since last two decades, helping most stop the spread of their vitiligo and helping to induce at least partial repigmentation in many of those patients, we at Berry Skin Care would be appropriate to share some of our approaches for vitiligo cure in Pune. It is mentioned in medical literature that every white spot is not consider as a vitiligo hence you need to consult our expert doctors for your vitiligo cure in Pune, you can consult online or over phone as well. We have a proven method for vitiligo treatment in Pune and many local and international patients get benefited it by so far. Our in-depth research on vitiligo helps us to develop a medicine called leuco-kit for vitiligo patients. You can order this medicine and prescribed under the guidance of Berry Skin Care vitiligo specialist.

Order Vitiligo Medicine Today!

As we mentioned that our medicine is Ayurveda based has does not have any side effect. You can consume it with any other treatment you are currently taking. The best part of our vitiligo treatment in Pune is, one do not need to travel every time for check-up. So don’t waste further time and consult of vitiligo expert today for your vitiligo cure in Pune.

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