Vitiligo Treatment in Patna

Looking for a way to reduce vitiligo or looking for vitiligo treatment in Patna? you've come to the right place. Berry Skin Care is the leading clinical chain in India for Vitiligo treatment.

Vitiligo, a human skin condition that turns patches of skin and hair white, is a skin disorder which affects approximately 3 percent of the Indian population.Vitiligo is a complex skin condition, the exact cause of which is not known. Itis believed to involve multiple factors some of which are generic. Every whitespot on our skin is not classified as vitiligo however the chances of vitiligo arehigh when you have white spots on your skin. The first patches of vitiligo often appear on the feet, face(around the eyes and mouth), forearms and hands. Our clinic in Patna offers a permanent solution with our treatment plans.

Vitiligo Cure in Patna

Vitiligo treatment in Patna is quite possible with Berry Skin Care – a leading clinical chain in India. Before we start talking about vitiligo treatment let us understand why vitiligo affects our body. As your immune system attacks and kills melanocytes(the cells where skin color is produced), it leaves white patches or spot on the skin. Sometimes patches even appear inside the mouth or nose, around the genitals and rectum, in the eyes or on our hair. As per medical texts there are various reasons for vitiligo and it is clearly mentioned that it is not contagious. Our clinic in Patna offers various ayurveda-based vitiligo treatment in Patna.

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