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When you start Psoria-Kit

First 7 days observation-skin become smooth scaling reduces

15 days observation- some of area get skin scalling and itching

30 days observation-all body skin get near to clean,itching stop

90 days observation-60% recovery in all body

180 days observation-85% recovery in all body

240 to 270 days-100% body become normal

*Please note this is standard recovery chart, recovery may vary from patient to patient, it depends how old your psoriasis is and most important what kind of medicine you have consume to treat psoriasis. ( Mostly the patient who had taken good qty of steroids and methotrexate, in first month psoriasis may aggravate when you start treatment with Psoria kit but all body clean in next 12 to 18 days, this is just for information. )

Psoria kit - A Ayurvedic Medicine for Psoriasis