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When you start Leuco-Kit

First 7 days observation-skin become pink in color

15 days observation-skin become red and mild itching on all white patch

21 days observation-20 to30% of area get pigments on body

90 days observation-50-60% recovery on all white patch

180 days observation-80% recovery on all white patch

240 to 270 days-100% all patch covers

*please note this is standard recovery chart ,recovery may vary from patient to patient,it depends how old your Vitiligo is and most important what kind of medicine you have consume to treat Vitiligo.bad parts like lips,palm,sole,finger tips,sole,feet this all area take 20 to 25% more time to start recovery as this all areas are working ares and skin is very thick.

Leuco kit - A Ayurvedic Medicine for Leucoderma