Know More About Vitiligo

Types of Vitiligo

Generalised Vitiligo

  • Wides spread white patches appear on all parts of body and grow in all parts gradually.
  • Whole body get affected by the time if not treated in early.
  • As per study approx 70% patient suffered from Generalised Vitiligo.

Segmental Vitiligo

  • White patch tend to be smaller and appear in one area only.
  • This kind of vitiligo does not spread in other are sometimes after many years also there is no progress or stop as it develop in body.
  • As per study approx 20% patient suffered from segmental vitiligo.

Acrofecial Vitiligo

  • Body area like eyelid, eyebrow, lips, palm, sole, toes, ankle, elbow, affected by vitiligo, more ever it restrict to this are only for selected time period then again it starts to spread.
  • As per study approx 10% patient suffered from Acrofecial Vitiligo.

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