Tips for Winter Psoriasis

Tips for Winter Psoriasis

Tips for Winter Psoriasis

Treatments for Psoriasis: How to Get Rid of Psoriasis

Psoriasis has no cure. However, psoriasis treatment can assist you in feeling better. You may require topical, oral, or systemic medication. Even if you have severe psoriasis, there are effective methods for controlling flare-ups. You may be able to fully eliminate your symptoms with best treatment of psoriasis.

  • Supplement with dietary supplements

Internally, dietary supplements may help alleviate psoriasis symptoms. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, fish oil, vitamin D, milk thistle, aloe vera, Oregon grape, and evening primrose oil have all been claimed to help alleviate mild psoriasis symptoms. Consult your physician before using supplements to ensure that they do not interact with any other health concerns you may have or medications you are currently taking.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been demonstrated to help lessen the redness and irritation associated with psoriasis in some circumstances. Aloe vera gel cream was found to be somewhat more successful at alleviating psoriasis symptoms than 0.1 percent triamcinolone acetonide, a steroid cream used for  psoriasis treatment, in a 2010 studyTrusted Source. Additional research is necessary to determine conclusively whether aloe vera helps alleviate psoriasis symptoms. However, the risk of using aloe vera gels or creams is low, and it may be worthwhile to give them a try.

  • Consume healthy

Diet may play a role in winter psoriasis treatment. Eliminating red meat, saturated fats, refined sugars, carbs, and alcohol may assist in reducing flare-ups caused by these meals. Cold water fish, seeds, nuts, and omega-3 fatty acids are all well-known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This can aid in the management of psoriasis symptoms. When used directly on the skin, olive oil may also have calming properties. Massage a few tablespoons onto your scalp during your next shower to assist in loosening up bothersome plaques. Additionally, apple cider vinegar has been shown to be an effective detoxifier for the body. You can drink it or use a washcloth to apply it directly to plaques on the skin.

  •  Soak up some sun

Under the direction of a physician, light skin psoriasis treatment includes exposing your skin to UV light. UV radiation can assist in slowing the proliferation of skin cells caused by psoriasis. This type of therapy frequently necessitates constant and numerous sessions. Plaques can also be reduced by spending ten to fifteen minutes in the sun. Tanning beds are not an effective way to achieve light treatment. Too much exposure to sunshine can actually aggravate psoriasis.

Always use light treatment under the direction of a physician.

  • Abstain from drinking

Alcohol is a trigger for a large number of persons who suffer from psoriasis. A 2015 study discovered an elevated risk of psoriasis in women who drank dark beer. Women who consumed at least five non light beers per week were nearly twice as likely to acquire psoriasis as those who did not use alcohol.

These are just a few of the numerous  winter psoriasis treatments that are available, but not all of them are guaranteed to work for you. Bear in mind that these approaches only address the symptoms of psoriasis, not the underlying cause. It is critical to consult your physician regarding the management and skin psoriasis treatment.

While it has been demonstrated that home remedies might provide temporary comfort, they should not be used in place of your treatment plan.


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