How effective is Natural Treatment for Vitiligo?

How effective is Natural Treatment for Vitiligo?

How effective is Natural Treatment for Vitiligo?


Skin disease called vitiligo causes blotches and patches of lost skin and hair pigment. Both the degree and the rate of colour loss are unpredictable. Any region of the body, including the hair and the interior of the mouth, might be affected.

Melanin is a pigment that determines the colour of the skin, eyes, and hair. When cells that produce melanin die or cease working, vitiligo can develop. Although the condition is not particularly communicable or life-threatening, it can cause stress and low self-esteem in some people.

Although the afflicted area may heal and be restored, treatment cannot really stop the ongoing, gradual loss of skin colour or its recurrence. As a Skin Care Clinic In Gujarat we at Berry Skin Care provide Natural Treatments for Vitiligo in India that works to stop recurrence of leucoderma for patients suffering from leucoderma.

Vitiligo symptoms

The following are signs of vitiligo:

  1. Loss of skin pigment in blotches and patches.
  2. Graying of beard, eyelashes, and eyebrows can happen gradually or suddenly.
  3. Loss of colour in the tissues that line the inside of the nose and mouth.
  4. Loss and a quick or gradual shift in the inner layer of the retina's colour.

Vitiligo can start at any age.

The patches may cover the body including:-

  1. Many parts of body.
  2. Can occur on only one side.
  3. Can occur on one or only a few areas.

Complications of Vitiligo

  1. Social and psychological distress.
  2. Sunburn, and skin cancers.
  3. Eye problems.
  4. Hearing loss.

Identification Of Vitiligo

  • Exam and medical history

Visit your doctor if you suspect you may have vitiligo. Your doctor may then evaluate you and advise you based on your medical history. He would try to identify other skin conditions and conditions like dermatitis. To diagnose vitiligo, your doctor may shine an ultra violet lamp on the affected skin.

  • Blood Sampling And Skin Biopsy

In addition to the aforementioned, the doctor may also ask you about your personal and family history in order to diagnose your skin issue.

A tiny sample (biopsy) of the afflicted skin area is obtained in this situation for testing.
Blood draws are part of laboratory testing used to identify autoimmune diseases like diabetes and anaemia.

Introducing LEUCO KIT By Berry Skin Care for Natural Treatment for Vitiligo

LEUCO Kit by Berry Skin Care, a Skin Care Clinic In Gujarat is the only brand that delivers an ideal blend of herbs and ensures therapeutic results. 31 Valuable herbs have been utilised are presented in LEUCO KIT based on their characteristics and germicidal effects, which are supported by references from diverse ayurvedic literatures.

Silent Features of Leuco-Kit 

  • Product Approved by AYUSH Department.
  • Zero Relapse.
  • Stops Recurrence.
  • 180 To 365 Days Are Needed For Treatment.
  • Sunshine Is Not Required.
  • Ensure The Outcome For Every Part.

The benefits of Leuco-Kit

  • The exceptional herbal-mineral treatment for vitiligo.
  • Uniform Pigmentation.
  • Give Vitiligo sufferers quick relief.
  • Aid in cleaning out blood pollutants.
  • Functions as an immunomodulator as well.


This LEUCO kit is a natural product by Berry Skin Care that contains the most effective skin care regimen for people suffering from leucoderma. It is designed to offer relief and protection from skin problems associated with the condition. 

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