How do you confirm it is vitiligo?

How do you confirm it is vitiligo?

How do you confirm it is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a loss of natural color or pigment on your body. It is commonly called as depigmentation. There are milky-white patches often found on hands, feet, arms, and face. It can also appear on the scalp, eyebrow, beard, and eyelashes. It is generally found in people who have uveitis, inflammation in the ear, or have low self-esteem. 

Diagnosis of vitiligo is done through physical examination. Doctors use black light that shines on your skin to detect the disease. It can also be diagnosed through 

• Blood tests to confirm it is vitiligo. 

• Skin biopsy which means a small sample of the skin is examined under the microscope. It helps in examining the tissue that is missing and causes depigmentation on the skin. 

• Eye Exam to check uveitis. 

Treatment of Vitiligo

If the condition is at a lower stage, the doctor mostly prescribes medication that focuses on stopping the immune system from destroying the cells of melanocytes. Medication then helps in improving the pigmentation and skin appearance. The treatment is conducted to, 

• Slow down to completely stop the disease from spreading.

• Encourage the growth of melanocytes.

• Restore the milky white patches on the skin and even down the color.

It is important to get a treatment done so that the disease does not spread and new patches may not appear in the future. Some of the treatments include-

1. Medicated skin creams help in restoring the original skin colour. 

2. Using phototherapy to treat large areas of vitiligo and use laser treatments as well. 

3. Depigmentation to remove the dark areas of the skin. It limits the exposure of your body to sunlight during and after the treatment. 

Dermatologists also recommend surgical techniques for long-lasting treatments when other treatments don’t work. Vitiligo is treated by dermatologists who specialize in treating skin, hair, and nail disorders. Other specialists like ophthalmologists (who treat eye problems) may also provide medical care for people suffering from vitiligo.

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1. What is Vitiligo? 

Vitiligo is a disease that causes milky white patches on your skin. The patches can be found on eyelashes, hands, feet, eyebrows, and any other external part of your body. 
2. What are the causes of Vitiligo?

It is an autoimmune disease that can be caused by sunburn, emotional stress, or exposure to chemicals in the body. 
3. How can I contact the associated person at Berry Skin Care Clinic?

Berry Skin Care Clinic has branches all over India. You can visit our website to find the contact information for your choice of city. 

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