Emotional Well-Being and Psoriasis: Strategies for Coping

Emotional Well-Being and Psoriasis: Strategies for Coping

Emotional Well-Being and Psoriasis: Strategies for Coping

Psoriasis is understood as a skin condition only. But it is a lot more than that. Unlike diabetes, psoriasis is visible and it sometimes becomes difficult to deal with. It is a chronic disease and may affect your emotional well-being, self-confidence and your relationships. People suffering with psoriasis have higher chances of depression and anxiety. To deal with such a disease, you should accept it as a part of your daily life and begin with changing your daily habits. 

Strategies for Coping Psoriasis 

Psoriasis can sometimes be tight, itchy and painful, which can make you feel stressed about it. Taking stress can trigger your psoriasis flares and pain and make you feel like you are stuck in this vicious cycle of disease for years. Here are a few strategies that can help you in dealing with Psoriasis:

    1. To overcome that, it is necessary to practice stress-relieving exercises at least thrice a week. It will not only help in boosting your self-confidence but reflect positive changes in your mood. You should also exercise to lower the inflammation and control your weight. 
    2. You should practice meditation, deep breathing and spend some time enjoying by yourself. Such activities raise the levels of endorphins and reduce stress and tension. 
    3. If you feel pity for yourself or have thoughts about your own self-image, it is crucial to consult a psychologist. They may help you keep track of your thought patterns and help in changing your feelings and behaviors. 
    4. If you are feeling bad about your psoriasis, it is advised to get in touch with your loved ones who can support you and make you feel better. Let your family and friends know how psoriasis can affect you and have an impact on your emotional well-being. 
    5. Stay away from people who fail to understand your disease and make you feel worried about it. If you often hear remarks about your skin from others, just tell them- it is a non-communicable disease and you can’t catch it. 
Conclusively, it is essential to take control of your psoriasis treatment and learn the fact to live with it. Apart from this, there are so many great treatment options available that can make you feel good and help you recover from this disease. 

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1. Is psoriasis contagious?

Psoriasis is not contagious. It is a genetic condition and has wide treatment options available. 
2. Can people with psoriasis work?

Absolutely, people with psoriasis can work to their ability. However, they should restrict themselves from environmental conditions that have the use of chemicals and frequent hand washing. 
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